SwingTracker Baseball


Baseball and softball players of any age or skill level, and their coaches, can have access to the science of motion analysis and unlock an entirely new world of understanding about their swing, its components and how to improve their hitting.

The SwingTracker sensor captures motion data in real-time and sends it to the free, sport specific SwingTracker iOS app via Bluetooth.
Compatible with Apple devices only.

– Sensor memory holds up to 128 swings when mobile device not nearby
– Dedicated iPhone and iPad apps for both Baseball and Softball

– Analyze your swing on 4 core measurements:
Max Barrel Speed
Trigger to Impact Time
Attack Angle
Impact Momentum

– Compare swings to national age/skill benchmarks from 8U through Professional
– Understand the link between the body and bat with side-by-side 3D View and Video compare, linked with swing metrics.
– Connect and share swing metrics with teammates and coaches
– View a personalized Swing Fingerprint™ through a 3D heat-map – showing a hitter’s hot & cold zones
– See the maximum potential of each swing in the Damage Potential calculator
– Fix common hitting flaws and learn new drills with in-app USA Baseball content (available only in SwingTracker Baseball)
– Play Games and compete on Leaderboards
– Live, in-app Support chat 12 hours/day, 7 days/week

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